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30.3 Overview - SRCA - Reservists


Reserve employment is essentially part-time employment in the Defence Force – in the Army Reserve, the Naval Reserve or the Air Force Reserve. In some cases, a Reservist may be engaged in military activities on a full-time basis, e.g. during call-up under the Defence Act, as a volunteer for operational or peacekeeping service or after accepting a (temporary) contract of full-time ADF service for a limited period in a specialist position.

Note that cadets, although part-time, are NOT members of the Reserves. Compensation for cadets is discussed separately at 31.7 and 31.2.10.

Annual camps, multi-day training courses and other limited periods of 24-hr-per-day attendance which are not associated with either operational 'call-up' or a formal contract of full-time ADF service, are counted as ordinary part-time reserves service.

The incapacity compensation payable to a Reservist depends on the type of Reserve service (ordinary part-time or Continuous Full-Time Service) he or she was performing at the time of the injury.