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21.1 Delegates must use Defcare Incapacity Calculator


Defcare is the primary electronic recording medium for SRCA cases. It also provides guidance to delegates via the 'Incapacity Calculator'. The Calculator provides an interactive system which requires entry of relevant data such as date of injury, date of incapacity etc., and also asks a series of true/false questions about the case, each screen customised in response to the previous answers.

  • These questions, inevitably, must be cast in relatively broad terms. This Handbook is intended to help you obtain the data to determine whether the client has a valid entitlement requiring calculation, and to assist with responses to the Defcare Liability Calculator's questions.
  • Although the Incapacity Calculator has the highest level of authority in determining the amount of an entitlement, there is a broad range of issues not specifically canvassed by the Calculator, (i.e. mainly those relating to whether there is an entitlement to any payment in the first place).
  • The Calculator should therefore be used in conjunction with this Handbook and only after an entitlement to payment has been demonstrated. The Calculator should not be regarded as one-stop guidance on all matters relating to entitlements.