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20.4.2 Request for incapacity payments must include a medical certificate


Nevertheless, and regardless of the format in which the request is made, the delegate must also be provided with a medical certificate of incapacity for that request to be processed (see 20.5 and 20.6 for more detail on this requirement). Delegates should generally require the original certificate, not a copy. However a fax or other electronic image may be accepted as an advance copy for the purposes of initiating an investigation of entitlement, i.e. while the original follows promptly (e.g. by mail or by hand). A determination can be prepared on the basis of a copy, but should not be signed until the original certificate has been received. Time off work for medical treatment- no certificate required.

Time off work or loss of wages to attend medical treatment can be considered to be a period of incapacity and can be compensated under the incapacity provisions. Section 19 of the Act indicates there is an entitlement to payment where an employee: "... is incapacitated for work as a result of an injury ...". 'Injury' may be extended to include any treatments associated with that injury. In this case 'incapacity' may be interpreted as an inability to engage in work due to an absence from work to obtain treatment.. In such cases evidence of attending the appointment and also for loss of wages is required before payment can be made.  NO medical certificate is required.

Claimants should be encouraged to discuss suitable times to seek treatment with their employer, to ensure that treatment is usually undertaken outside normal working hours.