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20.4 Format of requests for incapacity payments


In many cases the request for incapacity payments is submitted simultaneously with the claim for liability. There is a check box on the D2020 liability claim form, to notify the delegate that an alleged incapacity for work has prompted the liability claim. Thus the D2020 claim form and its associated documentation should be taken to be a joint claim for both acceptance of liability and subsequent incapacity payments. Alternatively, the standard Defcare determination of liability letter includes a 'Benefit Election Form' which allows the client to notify the delegate of his/her need for incapacity payments.

Furthermore, DVA has now devised a claim form specifically for incapacity benefits. This claim form is intended to gather information and to simplify administrative procedures, and should be provided to all clients who announce an intent to claim weekly payments (i.e. via the Benefit Election Form). However the incapacity claim form is for information collection rather than formal purposes and use of this form is not a legal requirement of the client. See 20.4.1.