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20.16.4 Summary


Entitlements to incapacity payments and the client's participation in rehabilitation programs are closely linked.

Delegates with responsibility for making weekly incapacity payments:

  • must refer new incapacity clients to a rehabilitation coordinator, i.e. for a S36 assessment of rehabilitation requirements
  • must notify a rehabilitation coordinator of clients previously assessed and/or provided with a rehabilitation program, but who are allegedly incapacitated again and are requesting a return to payment
  • must liaise closely with the rehabilitation coordinator on the progress of any rehabilitation program, particularly with respect to the hours per week the client is working under this program (i.e. graduated return to work, work experience placements etc.) as this directly affects the amount payable. See chapter 34 on the particulars of these calculations
  • liaise closely with the rehabilitation coordinator on the client's compliance with the program, and cease payments in the event that the client's actions trigger a S37(7) suspension. See 20.25 for further guidance on the application of S37(7) suspensions.