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20.12.4 Overseas payments


The SRCA contains no formal prohibition against incapacity payments to overseas residents.  However PMKeyS has no facility to make payments to overseas bank accounts.  The Department has arrangements in place to make overseas payments through DOLARS on a four-weekly schedule.  It is important to note that delegates are still required to make the incapacity payment through PMKeyS to the 'DVA Admin Head Account' and the Financial Operations section will make the payment through DOLARS on a four-weekly schedule.

Accordingly delegates are to adopt the following procedure when a client requests that incapacity payments be made to an overseas bank account:

  • Advise the client that payments to overseas bank accounts are only made on a four-weekly cycle, and not fortnightly;
  • Obtain overseas bank account details from the client, including;

Account number


IBAN number


Bank Address

Account Name

  • Set the person up as an overseas supplier in DOLARS;
  • Notify the Systems Support section in Rehabilitation Compensation and Systems Support Group of the new supplier details in DOLARS, for the purpose of making incapacity payments;
  • Enter the person's overseas address in PMKeyS, along with the following bank account details:

Account NameDVA Admin Head Account


Account Number112076

  • RC&SSG will then liaise with the Financial Operations section to ensure that payments are made correctly.

Further information about overseas payments is available at