90.1 Overview | Military Compensation SRCA Manuals and Resources Library, General Handbook, Ch 90 Compensation for travel and accommodation costs under the Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRCA)

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90.1 Overview


Travel and accommodation costs under the SRCA can be paid/reimbursed for costs reasonably incurred for the purposes of:

  1. attending treatment for an injury or disease (subsections 16(6), 16(7), & 16(8));
  2. transporting another person to a hospital or other institution or a mortuary after that person has sustained an accepted injury, contracted a disease or died (sub section 16(9));
  3. attending a rehabilitation assessment (sub section 36(5)) or attending a medical examination at the request of the Commission (sub sections 57(3) & 57(4)), for liability or compensation purposes; and/or
  4. participating in a rehabilitation program (sub section 37(4)).