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8.2 Treatment Pathways (sections 325 - 327)

Last amended: 20 September 2012

Unless a person is entitled to a Gold Repatriation Health Card, MRCA delegates are required to decide which Treatment Pathway is most appropriate following an assessment of a person's needs pursuant to section 325 of the MRCA.

Upon acceptance of liability or when a person claims compensation, a delegate must carry out a needs assessment under section 325 of the MRCA, and then determine, under section 327, whether the claimant should have their treatment costs reimbursed and be issued with a Treatment Authority letter setting out a specified authority for treatment of the accepted conditions (Treatment Pathway 1) or whether they should be issued with a White Repatriation Health Card (Treatment Pathway 2).

In accordance with section 345 of the MRCA a decision under section 327, about which treatment path applies, is not an original determination and therefore not a reviewable decision for the purposes of Chapter 8 of the MRCA.  However the decision on the appropriate treatment pathway may be changed following a subsequent needs assessment as per paragraph 8.2.1 below.

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