5.9 Deferrals | Military Compensation MRCA Manuals and Resources Library, Policy Manual, Ch 5 Permanent Impairment

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5.9 Deferrals

Where a final assessment of the degree of impairment cannot be made because the accepted condition(s) have not stabilised an interim payment may not always be appropriate (for example, where there is uncertainty whether the final degree of impairment suffered by the claimant will be 10 IPs).  In this situation, a delegate may wish to defer making a decision until the impairment is stable.  It is important to note that this action is not a determination and a reconsideration cannot be sought by the claimant.  However, if the claimant requests the right to apply for a reconsideration or review in relation this matter, the delegate should reject the claim for PI compensation on the basis that the claimant's accepted conditions have not stabilised.


Once the accepted conditions have stabilised, subsection 74(2) requires a delegate to determine lifestyle effects and weekly amount of compensation as soon a practicable.