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5.8.4 Determination of lifestyle rating where interim PI is payable

Where interim PI is payable in respect of a PI claim lodged on or after 1 July 2013, the lifestyle rating for the person's whole person impairment is determined using the following steps (see Note below):

Step 1:

Obtain the lifestyle rating/s for any former conditions that have previously been determined.

Step 2:

Work out the lifestyle rating for all conditions (including the current condition in respect of which a determination has not been made) using:

  1. the top of the shaded area for impairment points between 0 and 15; or
  2. in any other case – the bottom of the shaded area.

Step 3:

Use the highest of the lifestyle ratings from steps 1 and 2 to calculate the lifestyle rating applicable to the whole person impairment.

Note that for Step 1 there may be situations where no lifestyle rating has been determined.  This would include:

  • a transitional case where the old injury or disease is a SRCA condition; and
  • where the MRCA client converted an interim PI payment to a lump sum prior to the inclusion of a lifestyle factor in interim PI from 1 July 2013.