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5.2.2 Aggravation

Under subsection 70(2) of the MRCA, the amount of PI compensation payable in respect of an accepted aggravation of a pre-existing condition is the amount payable in respect of the IPs and lifestyle effects constituted solely by the aggravation.


GARP M contains no specific method for apportioning the aggravated component of a condition.  Delegates should use Chapter 19: Partially Contributing Impairment and treat the impairment from the pre-existing condition as if it were an impairment from a non-accepted condition.  Impairment from the aggravation should be treated as if it were an impairment from an accepted condition.  The relative contributions of the pre-existing condition and the aggravation should be based on appropriate medical advice.


Aggravations are subject to the same minimum IP requirements discussed above.