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5.16.4 Self-Assessed Lifestyle Ratings Outside the Shaded Area

A person's lifestyle rating is expected to be broadly consistent with the degree of medical impairment from the accepted conditions.  In most cases, a lifestyle rating that falls within the shaded area of Table 23.1 or Table 23.2 of GARP M is broadly consistent with the degree of medical impairment.  Accordingly GARP M states:

A delegate may reject a self-assessment of lifestyle rating because it overestimates, or underestimates, the level of rating that is broadly consistent with the level of impairment from the accepted disability”

When a person self-assesses their lifestyle rating through Option 1 in Chapter 22 of GARP M and this rating falls outside of the shaded area the delegate should:

  • send the veteran a Lifestyle Questionnaire (Form D2669) to gain further information and to clarify the basis for the self-assessment; and
  • assess the reasonableness of the material provided and clarify any inconsistencies which may exist with other material provided by the veteran or the veteran's treating medical officer before determining an appropriate lifestyle rating.