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MRCA MAGPIES (the Medical Assessment GARP Permanent Incapacity Eligibility System) is a system designed to assist in determining the medical impairment of a claimant for PI purposes.  It is an interim system based on the MAGPIES system used by Veterans' Compensation claim assessors and Income Support pension officers.  Use of the MRCA Magpies when processing PI compensation claims is mandatory.  MRCA MAGPIES allows you to:

  • Record claimant details
  • Register new cases
  • Streamline cases
  • Encode conditions by the use of ICD codes
  • Produce medical impairment forms for completion by a doctor
  • Assess impairment by using GARP M
  • Produce Worksheets & Combined Impairment Reports
  • Finalise case with outcome

For more information on MAGPIES in general refer to 'The MAGPIES in Flight Guide'.  Please note, this guide is intended for processing Income Support claims and is limited in its application to MRCA PI claims.  However, there is currently no documentation outlining the use of MRCA MAGPIES.