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12.7.7 SRCA SMR questionnaire less than 6 months old

Last amended 
12 December 2014

If a specialist medical review (SMR) questionnaire has been conducted under the SRCA within the last six months the information collected at that time may be used for the purposes of an assessment under the MRCA, provided the person grants permission for that information to be used for that purpose.


However, it will not always be possible to use a recent SMR questionnaire conducted under the SRCA for the purposes of the MRCA.  This is because PIG, used to determine the percentage of whole person impairment (WPI) suffered by a claimant under the SRCA, is different from GARP M and the information collected will not always be translatable.  In such circumstances, the claimant's SRCA conditions will need to be reassessed following medical examination in order to calculate entitlement to PI compensation under the MRCA.