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1.8.2 PMKeyS

Last amended 
24 July 2017

Note: As of 1 July 2017 PMKeyS is no longer used for the payment of Incapacity claims.

PMKeyS is an integrated human resource management system for the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO).  It manages information about the entire Defence workforce; Navy, Army, RAAF and civilian employees as well as claimants under the SRCA and the MRCA in receipt of Incapacity payments with DVA.  An on-line manual for users of the PMKeyS payment system exists within the PMKeyS system (F1 button).  A DVA specific PMKeyS User Manual is located in the Defence Protected Network (DPN) in the PMKeyS online library.


DVA clients were given a new compensation PMKeyS ID when they receive any Incapacity payment from DVA under the SRCA or MRCA.

Additional information may be found on the DVA PMKeyS SharePoint site.  This site contains helpful hints and tips on using PMKeyS.

DVA has migrated from the use PMKeyS, with payments commencing 1 July 2017 through R&C ISH (integrated with Dollars).