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1.8.1 R&C ISH

Last amended 
24 July 2017

R&C Integrated Support Hub (R&C ISH) is an online workspace designed to support R&C staff with the processing and management of claims.  R&C ISH interfaces with other DVA databases allowing for a reduction in the double-handling of client particulars.  All new claims are registered using this system which allows for links to TRIM for supporting documentation.  Currently both incapacity and rehabilitation claims are processed in R&C ISH.  Initial liability and Permanent Impairment are currently determined using Cadet but will be processed in R&C ISH beginning December 2017.  All correspondence is to be generated using R&C ISH as letters are prepopulated with client and case details.

Step by Step User Guides for Delegates and Team Leaders are located in the R&C ISH Step by Step Guides section of CLIK.  Additional reference material is located on the Rehabilitation and Compensation Support Site.