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1.4.5 Communicating With Clients via E-mails

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OFPC) has developed Guidelines on Workplace, E-mail, Web Browsing and Privacy.  It notes that:

  • Most e-mail  is insecure
  • E-mails are hard to destroy
  • Content of e-mails may be stored on mail servers.  The keeping of these logs is usually necessary for the routine maintenance and management of networks and systems.  However, it means that system administrators are also capable of reading the contents of e-mails sent and received by the corporate network.

DVA has undertaken trials of systems to encrypt emails so that any third parties, such as Internet Service Providers, who may be able to scrutinise or intercept electronic communications, are unable to understand the sensitive information contained therein.  However, the full rollout of a final system is yet to take place.

Therefore it is important that no personal information be sent via e-mail.