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S 14 Somalia

20 October 1992 - 30 November 1994

The Australian Defence Forces involvement in restoring law and order to troubled areas in Somalia and in bringing humanitarian aid to the Somalian people was known as Operation Solace.

The peace effort in Somalia began in April 1992, when the United Nations established an operation to monitor a cease-fire in the country's civil war, while protecting UN personnel and humanitarian efforts. Troops sent to Somalia included a 30-strong Australian movement control unit deployed in October 1992.

When the situation deteriorated and famine worsened, the UN Security Council authorised the creation of a Unified Task Force led by United States forces. The Australian deployment, code-named Operation Solace, committed troops from 1RAR, bolstered by members of 2nd/4th Battalion and a range of supporting units.

On 24 December 1992, A Company, 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment left Townsville on HMAS Jervis Bay bound for Somalia, as part of the first Australian battalion group deployed operationally since the Vietnam War. The Royal Australian Navy carried troops and supplies aboard HMAS Jervis Bay and Tobruk, while the RAAF flew in advance parties and conducted regular missions to resupply and reinforce the Australian units.

The 1RAR Battalion Group was deployed in the Baidoa Humanitarian Relief Sector in south-western Somalia from January to May 1993, patrolling local townships and escorting food and humanitarian aid convoys. In five months of deployment, 1RAR escorted more than 400 convoys, delivering more than 8000 tonnes of grain to villagers in the region.

Lance Corporal Shannon McAliney of 1RAR, the only Australian Defence Force fatality, who died after being accidentally shot is commemorated on the Roll of Honour at the Australian War Memorial.

RAN Ships allotted to Somalia


HMAS JERVIS BAY28 December 199219 February 1993

HMAS JERVIS BAY02 May 199316 June 1993

HMAS TOBRUK04 January 199321 January 1993

HMAS TOBRUK30 January 199302 February 1993

HMAS TOBRUK17 February 199318 February 1993

HMAS TOBRUK12 March 199313 March 1993

HMAS TOBRUK27 March 199328 March 1993

HMAS Tobruk10 April 199311 April 1993

HMAS TOBRUK26 April 199326 April 1993

HMAS TOBRUK14 May 199316 June 1993

Copies of allotment certificates may be viewed in the Service Eligibility Assistant in the Legislation Library as below. Four instruments list individual members of the Army, RAN and RAAF and a fifth instrument covers HMAS Jervis Bay and HMAS Tobruk:

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RAAF – individuals<a href="//">Instrument dated 01 Mar 1995

RAAF – individuals<a href="//">Instrument dated 15 Feb 2007