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S 13 Yugoslavia

12 January 1992 – 24 January 1997

The UN Mission of Liaison Officers in Yugoslavia (UNMLOY) was established in January 1992 when there was an outbreak of serious fighting as the Yugoslav Federation disintegrated.

There were a number of Australians who served in Yugoslavia as part of this UN Mission.  One of these was Australia's Colonel John Brian Wilson, who was seconded to command the UNMLOY beginning on 11 January 1992.  He served as Chief Military Observer for UN Protection Force in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia (UNPROFOR) until December 1992, at which time he became UNPROFOR's military adviser to the International Conference on the Former Yugoslavia (ICFY) which had been established in September 1992.

Among the other Australians who served in Yugoslavia were the Australian officers Major Stephen Paul Tulley, Major Barry Neil McManus and Major Michael Gordon Day, served in Sarajevo from 13 June to 5 August 1992.  They were three of 50 multi-nation UNTSO observers temporarily redeployed to UNPROFOR Sarajevo.

Allotment for Duty Certificates

In the case of duty carried out in the Yugoslav Operational Area, there is a requirement that the person or unit of the Defence Force is allotted for duty in the area by written instrument signed by the Vice Chief of the Defence Force.  Questions on Allotment for Duty in the Yugoslav Operational Area should be referred to Veterans' Compensation Policy Section.



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