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Podiatry involves the treatment and prevention of foot disorders. It includes the treatment of ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, identifying faulty foot structure and prescribing specific forms of special footwear. Podiatry does not include the services of a manicurist or pedicurist.

Treatment Type & Prior Approval Type:


Item Range:

F004 - F999


Gold Card

Full Entitlement within Australia

White Card

For Accepted Disabilities

  1. Up to two initial consultations can be claimed in a 12 month referral period.
  2. An initial consultation is claimed when the entitled person is seen for the first time
  3. Each initial consultation must be for a new episode of care or an unrelated condition.
  4. A new episode of care refers to a period of more than three(3) months since the entitled person last received treatment for the same condition.
  5. Subsequent consultations can not be claimed on the same day as an initial consultation for the same patient.
  6. Subsequent consultations are to be claimed for ongoing treatment of a condition.
  7. Two subsequent consultations cannot be claimed on the same day, unless provided in hospital.
  8. Treatment in residential aged care facilities (RACF), high care and public hospitals requires prior approval.
  9. Treatment for white card holders must be related to an accepted disability.
  10. Claims for items covered under the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) are to be returned to the provider, as these items are claimed through RAPTOR.
  11. Providers are to comply with billing arrangements as outlined in the 'Notes for Podiatrists' available on DVA's website