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5.4 Factors to Establish

  • the cause of the possible overpayment - e.g. undeclared income or increases in income, undeclared assets, change of marital status etc
  • whether an overpayment has occurred
  • the section of the VEA that was breached
  • what impact the breech may have on any other entitlements the person receives from DVA
  • the start and end dates for calculation of the overpayment, any other dates during the overpayment period where a change in circumstance affecting the rate of payment occurred e.g. Statutory Increase
  • if there is enough information on file to calculate the overpayment
  • what information is required
  • who to contact to get the information required; and
  • are there any reasonable approximations to make, where it is not cost-effective or practical to investigate further and the client is not as a result disadvantaged.

5.4.1In many cases the information required to enable the calculation of the overpayment will not be on file and will need to be requested from a variety of sources. These are discussed later in the chapter.

Note:For further information on determining if an overpayment has occurred and the relevant sections of the VEA, refer to this manual's Chapter 2 What is an Overpayment?.