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3.3.2 Specific reviews June 2003, the Income Support Review Program was implemented. Specific review is a term chosen to define a range of circumstances for periodic re-assessments by the Department. Examples include earnings, aged care admission, post bereavement and change of address reviews. Analysis of the review process through the Specific Issue Review (SIR) Project found that many of these reviews were not being conducted in accordance with policy, and as a result significant groups of pensioners were at risk of being paid the incorrect rate of pension. As a result, nationally agreed guidelines and procedures were produced for the conduct of SIRs in all States. Income Support Review Program Guidelines and Procedures for Specific Reviews Manual may be obtained via Part 12 Chapter 7 of the CLIK Procedure Library. The manual contains:

  • an outline of the main specific review types and matters to be investigated
  • a comprehensive guide for processing specific reviews; and
  • a description of VIEW Review and CMS procedures for specific reviews.