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11.1.1 Introduction object of any interview is to establish the facts. That is, to find the truth of a set of circumstances and establish the cause that led to the circumstances. This is achieved by the mutual exchange of information between the interviewer and the person they are interviewing. The interviewer should explain why the department is investigating, or pursuing a course of action and the interviewee should explain how a situation occurred and the length of time that situation has existed. information contained in this chapter refers to overpayment interviews only. An interview may be required in connection with an overpayment, during the investigation stage, or as part of recovery action. Where there is suspicion that fraud has been committed prior to conducting an interview, the case does not require the investigator/interviewer to discuss the matter with the National Fraud Control Unit (NFCU) prior to proceeding provided the investigator/interviewer is equipped with the appropriate investigation accreditation. It is vital that investigators fully understand the legal requirements associated with investigations so that the evidence they collect will withstand scrutiny in court. For more information on Investigator Training, please contact the NFCU. Commission approved Selection Criteria for Referral of Overpayment Cases for Investigation Leading to Possible Prosecution Action  should be consulted to guide decision making. A summary of the selection criteria titled Summary of reasons to consider when submitting a case for possible prosecution can be found at:


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