C19/2006 REASSESSMENT OF COMSUPER ((CSS & PSS) and (DFRDB & MSBS)) SUPERANNUATION PENSIONS - JULY 2006 | Compensation and Support Reference Library, Departmental Instructions, 2006

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DATE OF ISSUE:  15 August 2006


Purpose of instruction

The purpose of this Departmental Instruction is to provide information about the July 2006 reassessment of ComSuper ((CSS & PSS) and (DFRDB & MSBS)) superannuation pensions.


ComSuper superannuation pensions are adjusted bi-annually in January and July.  The CPI increase to be applied to the July 2006 adjustment is 1.4%.

Processing date

Reassessment processing to reflect the July 2006 CPI increases to ComSuper and DFRDB superannuation pensions will be conducted over two evenings - NSW, TAS & VIC on Monday 3 July 2006 and QLD, SA & WA on Tuesday, 4 July 2006.  Following the completion of the processing, all States data will be transmitted to the mailing house for printing and lodgement with Australia Post..

Effective date

The effective date of the reassessment will be 4 July  2006.

On pension payday 20 July 2006, pensioners will receive a full installment at the new assessed rate.

Advice letter target audience

A letter will be produced for Income Support pensioners in receipt of ComSuper ((CSS & PSS) and (DFRDB & MSBS)) superannuation pensions whose pension has been varied by the reassessment run.  There will be approximately 20,000 advice letters produced nationally.

ComSuper Reference Names in Advice Letters

The advice letters will reflect the following references to the Defined Benefit income streams Commonwealth Superannuation Fund and Defence Forces Retirement Benefits - super type codes 03 & 04:

  • CLIENT NAME - ComSuper (CSS & PSS) - $XXX.XX per fortnight.
  • CLIENT NAME - ComSuper (DFRDB & MSBS) - $XXX.XX per fortnight.

DFISA Payments - Impact on Advices

All DVA Age pensioners who are eligible to commence payment of Defence Force Income Support Allowance (DFISA) or whose DFISA payment is varied, continued or cancelled will receive an advice letter following the processing run.

Printing and mailing of advice letters

The advice letters will be printed and mailed through the Department's contracted mailing house, SALMAT.  All letters will be lodged with Australia Post by COB Friday, 14 July 2006.

Letters for Tasmanian State Office Overseas Addressees

The advice letters produced for Tasmanian State Office clients who have an overseas address will be printed, enveloped and sent from the mailing house.

Streamed advices requiring state office action

The following advices will be streamed and printed by IBMGSA at the IBM Printhub, and sent via courier to each State Office for checking and dispatch:

  • Reductions to nil;
  • Overseas for all states apart from Tasmania;
  • Cases which result in multiple payment boxes (ie., Payment Information Attachment); and
  • Enclosures (treatment changes).

'Held' advices to be forced

As part of the batch processing run any advices in 'held' status will be forced to print.  Forced 'held' advices will print at each respective State Office's nominated printer.


For Advice issues - Pat Webb (02) 9213 7288.

For Systems issues - Kevin Chapman (02) 6289 6749.

John Sadeik

National Manager

Income Support

26 June 2006