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4.1.4 Extreme Disablement Adjustment Eligibility



What is the Extreme Disablement Adjustment?

The Extreme Disablement Adjustment compensates a person who is extremely disabled and in receipt of the 100 per cent general rate disability pension, but whose accepted disabilities have further degenerated after age 65. The adjustment is a 50 per cent increment to the 100 per cent general rate disability pension. Assessment for Extreme Disablement Adjustment only takes into account the medical impairment and lifestyle effects of a disability. It does not have regard to whether or not a veteran is employed nor any regard to income and assets.    

What is the purpose of Extreme Disablement Adjustment?

The Extreme Disablement Adjustment is intended to provide a more substantial level of compensation to veterans who:

  • are over 65 years of age and
  • are retired, and
  • whose degree of incapacity is greater than that required to qualify for the 100 per cent general rate, but
  • who do not satisfy the eligibility criteria for the intermediate or special rate pension.
Eligibility criteria for Extreme Disablement Adjustment


A person is eligible for the Extreme Disablement Adjustment if:

  • the degree of incapacity from war-caused or defence-caused disabilities is determined to be 100 per cent, or
  • he or she has suffered from or is suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis and is receiving or entitled to receive a disability pension at 100 per cent general rate, and     
  • he or she is 65 years old,
  • he or she has an [glossary:impairment rating:] of at least 70 points and a [glossary:lifestyle rating:] of at least 6 points under GARP, and     
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  • he or she is not receiving an intermediate or special rate disability pension.    

An injury or disease that has been determined under the VEA to be service-related, war-caused or defence-caused. These are sometimes referred to as accepted conditions.

See also accepted condition and war-caused injuries or diseases section 9 of the VEA.



According to subsection 5D(2), incapacity from a war or defence-caused disease or injury is a reference to the effects of that injury or disease, and not a reference to the injury or disease itself.

Guide to the Assessment of Rates of Veterans' Pensions.