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Powers of Commission in Relation to Direct Credit Payments

Commission authority to make direct credit payments


Manner of Payment

Section 58C VEA

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The VEA gives Commission the authority to:

  • make payments in a manner determined by the Commission,
  • make payments at intervals that the Commission specifies, and
  • direct that all or part of a person's pension instalments be paid into an account with a bank, credit union, building society or other financial institution account.
Commission authority to require pensioner to nominate account


Payment into bank account

Section 58F VEA

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The Commission has the:

  • authority to require a pensioner to nominate a financial institution for direct payment of pension or other allowance,
  • authority to withhold payments should the request to nominate an account not be complied with, and
  • discretion to subsequently restore pension payments from the date of suspension if the pensioner later nominates an account.

Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986.

According to Section 179 of the VEA, the Commission is a body corporate under the name of Repatriation Commission.