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Hazardous Service





Hazardous service is a service type determined by the Minister of Defence. It covers service which exposes individuals or units to a degree of hazard beyond that of normal peacetime duty.

A person can qualify as a member of the Forces prior to the completion of three years service if he or she has rendered hazardous service.

Where a person has undertaken hazardous service, but not completed the minimum period for which they were engaged, or appointed only incidents related to the period of hazardous service can be accepted as defence caused.

Declarations of hazardous service

The following table lists the declarations of hazardous service by the Minister for Defence.     



Applies to...


17 November 1986 to 28 February 1989

The gulf of Iran and the Gulf of Oman west of a line joining Rass-el-Hadd and the southern end of the Iran-Pakistan border and the countries littoral to those waters to a maximum distance inland of 50 km.

The Gulf War

2 August 1990 to 9 June 1991

Transit from the last port of call in Australia to the operational area and then from 8/6/91 when the Gulf ceased to be an operational area.

The Gulf War

After 8 June 1991 to date

Service in the former operational area.


Service commencing on the day of arrival in the area specified, and ending on the day of departure from the specified area.

Service with allied forces providing humanitarian aid to Kurdish refugees in Iraq and Turkey south of 38 degrees latitude.


Service commencing on the day of arrival and ending on the day of departure.

Service with the UN Special Commission for the destruction of Weapons of Mass Destruction.


From 8 June 1991

Service with the UN Office of coordination or the UN Mine Clearance Training Team.


On or after 8 October 1993

The area upon following its cessation as an operational area.Service in the area comprising Cambodia and the areas of Laos and Thailand that are not more than 50 km from the Cambodian border.


On or after 12 July 1994

UN humanitarian operations.


On or after 25 July 1994

Service with the UN Mission for Rwanda. Includes areas not more than 50 km from the Rwandan border in:

  • Uganda

  • Zaire - now the Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Burundi

  • Tanzania


On or after 17 September 1994

Service while in the area comprising Haiti, as part of USA-led multi-national force operating in that area.