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apportioning a loan secured against the principal home/farm, 10.2.2/Assessing Assets with Encumbrances and Loans

deprivation related to farm transfers, 9.6.9; 9.6.8

ostrich or emu farming investments, 9.5.6/Description - Other Managed Investments

primary production assets with related liabilities, 10.2.2/Assessing Assets with Encumbrances and Loans

principal home exceeds allowable curtilage, 9.2.3/House and Curtilage

principal home used for business purposes, 9.2.3/Business Conducted from Home

share farming investments, 9.5.6/Deemed Income from Other Managed Investments

valuation of farm real estate belonging to sole traders, 10.3.2/Assessment of Assets for Sole Traders

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