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Sick sinus syndrome G046

Last amended 
30 June 2015

Current RMA Instruments:

Reasonable Hypothesis SOP
15 of 2014
Balance of Probabilities SOP
16 of 2014
Changes from Previous Instruments:

SOP Bulletin 171

ICD Coding:
  • ICD-9-CM Codes: 427.81
  • ICD-10-AM Codes: 149, 5

"Sick sinus syndrome" means a group of cardiac arrhythmias caused by acquired intrinsic or extrinsic dysfunction of the sinus node, in which abnormalities of cardiac impulse formation and propagation cause an atrial rate inappropriate for physiological requirements, and where documented sinus node dysfunction correlates with symptoms. Sick sinus syndrome can manifest as persistent or intermittent sinus bradycardia, sinus pause or sinus arrest, bradycardia-tachycardia syndrome, or other arrhythmias. Sick sinus syndrome is also known as sinus node dysfunction. This definition excludes congenital sick sinus syndrome.

Is specific diagnostic evidence required to apply the SOP? - No.

However, this is a complicated diagnosis generally requiring a cardiologist opinion and electrocardiography.

Are there sub-factors that require specific diagnostic information? - No.
Diagnoses covered by SOP
  • Sick Sinus Syndrome
  • Bradycardia tachycardia syndrome
  • Sinus arrest
  • Sinus bradycardia
  • Sinus node dysfunction
  • Sinus pause
  • Sinus tachycardia
Conditions excluded from SOP
  • Congenital sick sinus syndrome.
Unconfirmed diagnosis

If, after applying the above information, you are unable to confirm the diagnosis, you should then seek medical officer advice about further investigation.