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Psoriatic Arthropathy N059

Last amended 
25 June 2015
Current RMA Instruments:
Reasonable Hypothesis SOP
5 of 2012
Balance of Probabilities SOP
6 of 2012
Changes from Previous Instruments:

SOP Bulletin 156

ICD Coding:
  • ICD-9-CM Codes: 696.0
  • ICD-10-AM Codes: M07.0, M07.3

Psoriatic arthropathy is a chronic inflammatory arthritis resembling rheumatoid arthritis.  It occurs in at least 5% of people with psoriasis.  There are no specific diagnostic tests and a range of clinical presentations.  In a person with an inflammatory arthritis and psoriasis the diagnosis of psoriatic arthropathy needs to be considered, but is not automatic.

Is specific diagnostic evidence required to apply the SOP?No. 

However, this diagnosis should preferably be confirmed by a specialist rheumatologist.

Are there sub-factors that require specific information? – No.
Additional diagnoses covered by SOP
  • psoriatic arthritis
Unconfirmed diagnosis

If, after applying the above information, you are unable to confirm the diagnosis, you should then:

  1. seek medical officer advice about further investigation, or;
  2. generate a diagnostic report, or;
  3. re-encode the condition, if appropriate.