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Physical Injury due to Munitions Discharge S002, Cut, Stab, Abrasion and Laceration S005

Last amended 
25 September 2017

(Two SOPs combined)

These SOPs are combined in CCPS because they share ICD codes.

Current RMA Instruments:

Physical Injury due to Munitions Discharge

Reasonable Hypothesis SOP
48 of 2012
Balance of Probabilities SOP
49 of 2012

Cut, Stab, Abrasion and Laceration

Reasonable Hypothesis SOP
53 of 2016
Balance of Probabilities SOP
54 of 2016
Changes from previous Instruments:

SOP Bulletin 161

SOP Bulletin 190

ICD Coding:
  • ICD-9-CM Codes: 851, 854-862, 863.0-863.5, 863.80-863.88, 863.90-863.98, 864-872, 873.0, 873.00-873.62, 873.64-873.99, 874-904,910.0,910.1, 911.0, 911.1, 912.0, 912.1, 913.0, 913.1, 914.0, 914.1, 915.0, 915.1, 916.0, 916.1, 917.0, 917.1, 919.0, 919.1, 950-959

  • ICD-10-AM Codes: S000, S01, S04, S05, S06, S11, S14, S15, S25, S35, S45, S55, S65, S75, S85, S95, S19.9, S24, S34, S27, S36, S37, S20, S40, S60, S64, S70, S74, S80, S84, S90, S94, S29.9, S49.9, S69.9, S79.9, S89.9, S21, S41, S51, S61, S71, S81, S91, S99, S58, T00.9, T05, T06.1, T09.3, T09.4, T11.1, T11.6, T13.1, T14.1, T14.8
Brief description

The physical injury due to munitions discharge SOP covers any injury from the discharge of a weapon, a munitions explosion or from shrapnel fragments.  Such injuries may also be covered by a range of other SOPs (see list below).  The most appropriate SOP for the circumstances of the claim should be applied.  For multiple injuries that is likely to be this SOP.

The cut, stab, abrasion and laceration SOP covers injuries that involve the skin (or surface of the eye), including injuries that extend through the skin and involve deeper structures, but excluding injuries from munitions discharge or from burns.

The names of these SOPs should not be used as diagnostic labels for claims.  The diagnostic label should be changed to one that accurately describes the relevant injury or injuries.

Confirming the diagnosis

The diagnosis can be confirmed based on a record or report from a medical practitioner.  Specialist opinion is not required.

Other SOPs that should be considered for physical injury from munitions discharge
  • Concussion
  • Moderate to severe traumatic brain injury
  • Fracture
  • External bruise
  • External burn
Conditions not covered by munitions discharge SOP
  • Post concussion syndrome (not a disease or injury)
  • Acute stress disorder*
  • Post traumatic stress disorder*

* another SOP applies

Conditions not covered by cut, stab, abrasion and laceration SOP
  • external burn*
  • "lacerations" of internal organs from non-skin-penetrating injuries#
  • wounds caused by gunshot, missile, or explosive device or fragment thereof* - physical Injury due to munitions discharge SOP

* another SOP applies

 # non-SOP condition

Clinical onset

Clinical onset will be at the time of the relevant injury.

Clinical worsening

Both SOPs have only an inability to obtain appropriate clinical management factor for clinical worsening.  Lack of appropriate treatment at the time of or shortly after a (non-service-related) injury could result in worsening, including death.